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For the Co-Housing Launch, we also used the Slogan “Radical Groups are planning Liverpool Eco-Suburb”

Here is some background on this – there are many eco-villages on every continent, but few eco-suburbs so far - There are two sides to this - first it neatly summarises what we want, secondly, it seems like a historical neccessity

Here is an artists impression of our eco-village !!


There is a growing eco-village network worldwide, naturally enough called the Global Eco-Village Network (GEN) is at

The European Region of GEN is at

The two best know at the moment are perhaps the FIndhorn Community in the North of Scotland, and Tamera in Portugal.
The 2018 eco-village gathering is in the beautiful surroundings of Lilleoru community, Estonia. (date not announced yet)

Under the theme of The Wisdom of Conscious Communities, the conference will focus on the knowledge and tools that support conscious development and the practical application of awareness to effect inner change, in order that we might change the world around us. 

There are some GEN Volunteering opportunities

There is an excellent video of a talk by the current executive director of GEN - Kosha Joubert: Ecovillages – 1001 Ways to Heal the Planet