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(This is the poster that we used for our launch meeting - just for the record !!!)

Launch and Public Meeting

Saturday 24th March, 1.30 to 5pm, Large Meeting Room,

Liverpool Quaker Meeting House, School Lane (by donation)

The key point about co-housing is that members have their own apartments, but there are many shared facilities and a co-operative philosophy. Members are expected to contribute some effort to the shared facilities and activities, and there is a much increased level of mutual support compared to “normal life”. The shared facilities may include a kitchen, lounge, garden, workshop, E-car share, etc. Generally these are designed by the initial members.

Five projects will present their plans for different Co-housing projects in Liverpool / City Region – we invite you to come, get inspired and join in discussions of the development of these         

Radical Routes Housing Cooperatives -  AFS A Fairer Society

Issue-Based Co-Housing    -   Transition Retirement Project   - Transition Co-Housing Project.

For more information contact