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Here are the 5  Co-Housing projects which are at various stages of development in Liverpool (+ City Region) that made presentations at our Launch meeting:-

Radical Routes Housing Cooperatives. Radical Routes is a network of housing and workers coop’s working towards radical social change. Members setting up Liverpool’s second Radical Routes housing coop will talk about the Radical Routes Network and ideas for their coop.

AFS - A Fairer Society. AFS is a platform for change, a path to community. Providing valuable resources and proven methods that assist in creating, developing and funding your very own Community Led Housing project.

Issue-Based Co-Housing with services provided in a person-centred way with high levels of mutual support. Les Bellmon will discuss his plans for new co housing schemes for homeless people, people coming out of the prison system and ex-service.

Transition Retirement Project. Many old people become isolated in unsuitable housing, when they would benefit more from mutual support and eco-housing. John Garrett will discuss ideas on setting up such a housing scheme in Liverpool. ***

Transition Co-Housing Project. A hybrid co-housing project inclusive of all types of circumstance – owners, purchasers and renters, without there being any second-class citizens. George McNamara and team will discuss. ***

Note *** John and George are effectively in a consortium, where one of these projects will be built first, and a program of other projects will follow where we hope to create an eco suburb once the methods and team are established.